"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

Memorable Mondays

Memorable Mondays: Julia’s Mother is 95 and Always Sleeps with Her Memorable Pet Golden Retriever Dog

This week's Memorable Monday post celebrates a special bond between a mother with Alzheimer's and the Memorable Pet given to her by her daughter. Memorable Pets are known for creating these simple, yet very important, gestures of comfort and care for patients with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Julia’s Mother is 95 and Always Sleeps with Her Memorable Pet Golden Retriever Dog (Originally Posted Nov 22nd, 2013)

Written by: Bettina Dickson

Julia, a customer of ours from California, says her 95-year-old mother always sleeps with her Memorable Pet golden retriever! Her mother loves her pet dearly and Julia also told us that when she visits her mother with her real life golden retriever, her mother believes it is her dog and asks for Julia to take care of it until she comes home. Memorable Pets have been known to create special bonds like this one.

Memorable Mondays: People with Alzheimer's Need Entertainment (Orig. Published Feb 19th, 2013)

Today's Memorable Monday post reaffirms the play and entertainment needed by loved ones with Alzheimer's as they mentally regress into childhood. Just like young children, patients with varying degrees of Alzheimer's enjoy games, puzzles, and playing with and caring for dolls and stuffed toys.

People With Alzheimer’s Need Entertainment (Originally published Feb 19th, 2013)

Written by: Bettina Dickson

When my mother was with us, I remember how much she loved to “play” and be entertained. I used to dance and sing for her and she would just get so tickled and laugh until she almost cried! Of course, her beloved Caldonia, her Memorable Pet cat, was always part of the fun. Our motto was “fun first”! Oh how I miss those child-like times with her.

Marie Marley wrote this article about how people with Alzheimer’s need entertainment for therapeutic stimulation. Their needs vary from stage to stage of the disease. Read more here: Creative Entertainment for People With Early- and Mid-Stage Alzheimer's