"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

End of Life Care

I am sure most people will agree that Hospice organizations play an important role in the care of our loved ones who are beginning the "end of life" phase.  The people who work for Hospice are usually very well trained and wonderful people. Hospice Of The Bluegrass in central Kentucky took such wonderful care of our mother and we are forever grateful.

Comfort is something we all want and should have during this ending phase of our lives here on Earth.

It's so hard to loose someone you love and yet we want the very best for them... to go peacefully and to be comfortable and feel secure.  I know my mother, pictured here, was comforted greatly by her Memorable Pet, Caldonia. Luckily, she had her three children with her also, when she finally passed on.  As a family, we decided to bury mom with her beloved Caldonia, her very special Memorable Pet.


I struggled whether I should share this image on our website.  The image is so very personal and hard to see for those of us that were close to our "mom".  It is about two days before she passed.

I decided to share it with you all so others could understand how a Memorable Pet can help a loved one.  Sincerely, Bettina