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Advocate, Affiliate & Referral Program

Sharing Memorable Pets

Spreading the word about Memorable Pets is our biggest challenge!  Whether you're a for-profit or non-profit organization wanting to be an Advocate or Affiliate of Memorable Pets, or an individual who refers Memorable Pets to family and friends, you can receive a big THANK YOU !  

It's easy to sign up and get started: https://memorablepets.com/pages/register-affiliate-account

See summary below.  




Here's a summary of how it works:

You sign up to be an affiliate of ours using the link provided. You can be a customer of ours who shares Memorable Pets with others, called an Advocate. You can also be a professional for- profit company or a non-profit organization looking to partner with us, called an Affiliate. Once you are signed up and approved you can begin sharing and talking about Memorable Pets! You will have your own dashboard to track your sales and see when you are paid. The standard commission is 10% per order (not including taxes and shipping costs). You will have the option of giving a coupon code for your peeps or if you have your own website a link can be imbedded into your website so your clients can create an order. They would be re-directed to our site and we track your sales from there.  You will see the Terms and Conditions when you fill out the registration form and we will also provide you with an Affiliate Guide to help you along your way.  If you choose to do so you can enable a downline button and build a team in which you would benefit from their sales as well. We will pay all affiliates the commission for their orders once per month... at the end of each month.

Please email me at bettina@memorablepets.com if you have any questions.