"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

Pets 2 People Buzz



-”You have a wonderful company! I chose your website to purchase a memorable pet for donation to an individual unknown to me through your Pets 2 People program. I can tell you that I chose your company because it provides a much needed service for people who need some comfort when they are confused and maybe feel alone.”  Jarah, Dobbs Ferry, NY

-“Please let me express how grateful I am to the book club for donating 4 pets for our Eisenhower unit. The Veterans have enjoyed the comfort the animals have given them.  It is such a pleasure to know that you and your sister still keep the Veterans of the Thomson-Hood Veterans center close to your heart. Our goal is to give the residents the best quality of life possible.  We are able to achieve this goal because of people like you that are willing to lend our residents a helping hand.  On behalf of the residents, and myself we would like to say thank you.”   

Michelle Ewing, CTRS, Activities Dir. at Thomson Hood Veterans Center, Wilmore KY 



-”Thank you so much for the 6 Memorable Pets that were donated to our seniors in our adult daycare program called Best Friends. It is amazing how much our participants interact with the pets! We appreciate your thoughtfulness.”    

      Carla, Director of Best Friends, Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington KY      



  -"For my high school Senior Capstone Project, I sold 46 Memorable Pets through Pets 2 People program & delivered to homes over the Christmas of 2011. I came upon this cute little lady and I asked her which dog she would like to keep as pet and she pointed right to the dachshund and said, “This is amazing! I used to have a dog like this. I can’t remember what kind because my brain is so mixed up but I know it was like this one! Thank you thank you! I couldn’t take it to this nursing home because pets aren’t allowed and I had to give the dog to my granddaughter.” I could barely fight off the tears as I exited the room. The lady’s face lit up but I know mine was twice as bright.”    Michelle Paradiso, Columbus OH 


 - Words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful plush cat you gave my Dad. It looks so much like is real cat “Jack”! It has helped him greatly.”    Tracey Ragone, Lexington KY  


      Otto and his cat "Jack"