"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Association of Geriatric Psychiatrists, 2012 conference in Washington DC
"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Association of Geriatric Psychiatrists, 2012 conference in Washington DC
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Comfort for Memory care with Pet Therapy

Comfort for Alzheimer's Comfort for memory care

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Pet therapy is one of the most effective methods of treatment for people with Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia. Studies show that pets help in clam down blood pressure, ease stress and condense the feeling of isolation in patients. Additionally, it boosts up mental and physical wellbeing while offering Comfort for Memory Care.

Whether it is a cat, dog or a bird, having a pet brings countless benefits. The patients enjoy companionship, absolute love and excitement. As animals don’t judge the people like human, the patients feel comfortable with them and find them a true companion. Presence of favorite animal or animals can help reduce the effects of dementia including stress, bad temper, and isolation, etc. Owing to kindliness and non-threatening approach, pets assist the dementia patients to be more interactive and friendly.

When someone is suffering from dementia, it is believed that keeping a pet is not feasible. However, there is a smart substitute of it. A soft, cuddly and cute pet toy can be a new friend of patients. It becomes a vital and interesting part of daily routine of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients and offers Comfort for Memory Care.

Finding the Right Pet

Picking up a right kind of pet for adults with dementia can be difficult. In order to get expected results and avoid disappointments, selecting a right pet is crucial. Taking care of an active pet such as dogs and cats, etc. can be risky for the patients. When the primary aim is offering Comfort for Memory Care and reducing effects of dementia, go for stuffed robotic toys. These toys look just like a real animal and provide great mental benefits. If you are choosing real animals, you need to train them before making them a part of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Dogs, birds and cats are wonderful examples of pets that have offered love and care for people with dementia. Choosing soft robotic toys offer maximum benefits of pet therapy without the burden of jobs of caring for a pet. Moving to a memory care facility can be uncomfortable for the adults. The comfort of having a pet can make this move flawless. 

How Robotic Cat & Dogs helps Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Companionship of a beloved pet can be a lifeline for seniors especially with Alzheimer’s disease or any kind of dementia. Animals require care and love, which gives serenity and a sense of comfort for memory care. Pets give illimitable affection and allow them to cuddle that add joy in their life. Having a robotic animal gives significant responsibilities and keeps themselves engaged in various routine jobs. It brings excitement and accomplishments into your life. The patients recall good memories while cuddling with animals.

Pet therapy works effectively by offering sensory stimulus and reducing anxiety and agitation while offering comfort. The senior citizens with dementia feel lonely and socialization is important for their well-being. A pet motivates them to go outdoors and interact.

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