"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists


August 28, 2020


Five Star Review Friday!


"My Nan loves her new cat, we have named him Morgan. I'm very happy with my purchase and my favorite thing about Memorable Pets is how suited they are for someone with dementia."

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August 11, 2020


A Perfect Gift

We love to hear about the connection people make with our pets. Thank you so much for letting is be a part of your lives!


"Mom always loved my dog’s so I decided to get her a stuffed Border Collie. I thought she might like touching it, petting it like she pets my dogs. I was not expecting that she would have such the emotional connection with this little dog. She talks to it, talks about it like it’s real. As far as mom is concerned, Sweet Pea is real and a real part of the world she now lives in. This was such the perfect gift. The best gift is mom’s connection with Sweet Pea."

July 31, 2020


The Impacts of Memorable Pets on the Family

My mother passed away this July, 2016. She had Alzheimers and was 2 weeks shy of here 95th birthday. I had purchased the Calico Cat and the Golden Retriever for her; my sister got her another cat as well from your website. I have to tell you how important those pets were to Mom. She carried them everywhere in her wheelchair with her; she slept with them; she kissed and hugged and petted them. She called them her "kids." Staff made sure she had them with her and other patients thought she was so "cute" with them. Even on her death bed, she held them and kissed them. So we made sure that Mom would never be without her Calico cat; she was placed in the casket with Mom and will keep her company for an eternity. Thank you SO much for these wonderful pets. They are so realistic; Mom believed them to be alive and this gave her both great comfort and constant companionship. She once told me how well behaved they were and how they were no trouble at all! And when they got dirty, staff just threw them into the washer and dryer.. I was hesitant but it didn't hurt them and they came out wonderfully clean, soft and fluffy. I would be glad to visit with anyone who wants to know about the quality of these animals!!! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!
July 30, 2020


5 Star Review

"Even though Alzheimer patients struggle with certain things, I don’t think they lose their love for pets or to have something to care for. I was so glad to find a company that recognized that need and had soft, safe, realistic pets. I got the golden retriever for my dad who had gone to a memory care facility in March. He had always loved animals and a few months ago his little dog had passed away. This dog was very similar in size and color to his dog and I knew he would like holding it at night like he did his dog. He loved to hold it and talk to it. Towards the end, he had a lot of anxiety and the dog seemed to help calm him. He passed away two weeks ago but I hope holding his dog gave him some comfort."

January 02, 2019


HOPE Dementia Support Groups Know the Benefits of Doll Therapy

 As you can clearly see, the joy provided by doll therapy for those with memory loss is unmistakable.Doll Therapy is Very Beneficial     

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An Unexpected Friendship with Gertie and NBA Star Kenneth Faried

An Unexpected Friendship

                Gertie is her name and his name is Kenneth… Kenneth Faried, the star NBA player for the Denver Nuggets. At first glance, they seem to have nothing in common, but they actually have an AMAZING friendship. Gertie first met Kenneth several years ago at  a Special Olympics event with the Denver Nuggets NBA basketball team. Being from Colorado, Gertie has always been a big fan of his. A year later, Gertie was in a Down Syndrome fashion show and her escort was Kenneth! They bonded immediately and never looked back.


            In 2016 at the beginning of the school year, Gertie told her mother she wanted to invite Kenneth to come and be her Show and Tell friend at her school. Gertie’s mother, Heidi, contacted Kenneth and invited him. Kenneth didn’t bat an eye; he just asked when and where and said he would be there. Both of their lives changed and they have never been the same since.

              Memorable Pets & Believable Babies learned of this story because Gertie’s mother bought one of our handmade art Reborn baby dolls for Gertie’s birthday on October 13th. After her birthday had come and gone, Heidi reached out to us to tell us how happy Gertie was with her new baby. I asked Heidi if Gertie had given the baby doll a name and she then explained to me the friendship and love that Gertie has for Kenneth Faried, the NBA star. Heidi said Gertie named her baby “Kenneth”, even though her new reborn baby doll is a girl.


                 Heidi explained that she ordered the doll through Memorable Pets & Believable Babies because we give 10% of the proceeds to Alzheimer’s research. She told me that Gertie has Down Syndrome and that over 50% of people with Down Syndrome get Alzheimer’s when they are young adults, often in their 30’s. Heidi said it is something she is passionate about and that her grandfather had Alzheimer’s.

                Heidi went on to say that Kenneth is such an amazing person. He always makes sure to give Gertie a hug or high five at the games, and he even has let her warm up with him before a game. Heidi said her family is truly blessed to have him in their lives. One cute story that Heidi shared is about how Gertie signed her own gym shoe and gave it to Kenneth. So, after the Nuggets’ last game of the year, Kenneth ran up to Gertie, took off his shoe, signed it, and said now they both have each other’s shoe!


To make things even more interesting, our daughter Jessica went to Morehead State University in Kentucky during the same time Kenneth Faried played basketball for Morehead State in 2011. Kenneth put Morehead State on the map by upsetting the University of Louisville’s team during the first round of the NCAA tournament. Kenneth was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the 2011 NBA draft. 


                Last year Gertie wrote to The Ellen Show with a request to share her story about her best friend Kenneth Faried. Ellen accepted the request, and they are coordinating schedules to be on The Ellen Show in the near future!


                Heidi’s last message to me said it has truly been amazing to watch Gertie and Kenneth together and to see how much love they have for each other. She thanked me for the beautiful baby and for helping make it possible to one day find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Heidi ended her message with, “You are making the world a better place!”


        Kenneth's nickname is the "Manimal" so Gertie nicknamed herself the "Fanimal"!


Stuffed Animals for Geriatric Patients

Thank you very much for your donation of 6 pets.  We did received them from the Hospital Foundation soon after their arrival. 

After all the staff enjoyed to look at them we have started to include them in our distribution program.  We gave out our first one today and had excellent results.

On a funny note, our social worker was carrying one of the long-haired dogs donated and a hospital administrator came up to see why an unauthorized animal was being brought to the hospital by staff.

The patient who received it enjoyed it very much as well.

Anthony Arslan, DO, CAQGM

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