"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

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Memorable Pets Is Featured In Caregiver Support Webinar on Positive Resident-Centered Activities

Memorable Pets' "Pet Shop Kit" with 3 Pets

Rachael Wonderlin of dementia-by-day.com  features Memorable Pets on a webinar on positive activities for people with dementia.  Rachael has a Masters degree in Gerontology and is a Health and Wellness Coordinator for long term care communities in the US.  The webinar was produced by Together In This, a site dedicated to help educate all caregivers by providing you with streamlined resources and easy to use tools.

Checkout the webinar:


Memorable Mondays: Pet Therapy of a Different Sort (2011)

This week's Memorable Monday post takes a look back at a wonderful article on The Bark written by Michela Paradiso for her then high school senior project on Alzheimer's, which she completed in 2011. The article, entitled "Pet Therapy of a Different Sort", explains the mission and purpose of Memorable Pets to caregivers, people who have loved ones with Alzheimer's, and people simply wishing to donate to a good cause.

Read the full article: Pet Therapy of a Different Sort

At Memorable Pets, we are highly dedicated to raising funds for Alzheimer's awareness and research, which is why a portion of the proceeds from each Memorable Pet goes toward Alzheimer's care. You can learn more about our selection of pets and how you can help at our website: memorablepets.com

Memorable Mondays: Memorable Pets Featured in Reader's Digest

This week's Memorable Monday post highlights an article featuring Memorable Pets on Reader's Digest. Memorable Pets was founded to soothe and comfort people with Alzheimer's through the companionship of stuffed animals. A portion of the proceeds from each Memorable Pet purchased goes toward funding Alzheimer's research.

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Memorable Mondays: Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Features Memorable Pets in Honor of Betty Ruth Edwards Dickson

This week's Memorable Monday post showcases a Memorable Pets feature on Alpha Gamma Delta's blog from 2013 honoring Betty Ruth Edwards Dickson and her battle with Alzheimer's, as well as her daughters, Bettina and Francis Dickson, who went on to create Memorable Pets and spread the comfort and love of plush animals to dementia patients.

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Memorable Mondays: Caregiver4Caregivers Memorable Pets Feature

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

 — Charles Schultz

This week's Memorable Monday post reflects on a feature article about Memorable Pets written by the well-known caregiver support website called Caregiver4Caregivers. The article explores the positive effects of stuffed animal and toy therapy on patients with later stages of Alzheimer's, highlighting Memorable Pets as a company created to provide Alzheimer's patients with plush toys that offer a sense of comfort and security.

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