"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

Michela’s Capstone Sr. Project Takes 1st Place Out of 400+ Students!


“Giving Memorable Pets to people with Alzheimer’s has been life-changing.”


 We are so… proud of Michela Paradiso of Upper Arlington Heights High School, near Columbus Ohio!!!  She worked on her Capstone Senior Project for over nine months!  Michela won 1st place out of 400+ seniors!  She was awarded a $1000 college scholarship. Her topic was Alzheimer’s disease and Memorable Pets.  She researched the topic of how a realistic looking stuffed animal can help someone with mid-late stages with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.


Her Capstone Senior Project included:

Michela inspires all of us here at Memorable Pets to love one another and to always be grateful for all our blessings!  We all know Michela will follow her dreams and live life to its fullest!  She will live out her God given potential with compassion, integrity and grace.   Michela is attending Ohio State University on a soccer full ride scholarship!

WE LOVE YOU MICHELA AND WE WILL MISS YOU!  Sincerely,  Caldonia the Calico, Sonny the Collie, Grace the Pomeranian, Jessica the Black Lab,  Jimmy the Pug, Vivi the Golden Retriever, Phil the Schnauzer, Hope the Himalayan, Opie the Orange Tiger cat,  Sarah the Cocker Spaniel, Margo the Grey cat, Doug the Dachshund, Frances the Australian Shepherd, Joel the Border Collie, Willie the Weimaraner, Mike the Husky, Sam the Saint Bernard, Georgia the Maine Coon cat, Kelsey the Springer Spaniel, Joseph the Chocolate Lab, and of course Michela the Labradoodle.