"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

Baby dolls and stuffed animals by Memorable Pets can help people suffering from dementia and Alzheimers as they have proven to be quite beneficial for those people who are in mid-stages of the disease. If your family member or a loved one is suffering from these problems, then baby dolls are great toys for Alzheimer patients. We offer numerous varieties of baby dolls & stuff animals that are crafted using high-quality materials. These toys are adult appropriate and comply with all the safety standards for institutional use. Many times families feel helpless in providing constant company to their loved ones, which is where baby dolls come in handy as they not only bring a sense of responsibility in dementia patients but also joy and happiness of being with a companion. These dolls are life-like dolls and are great gifts for Alzheimer patients.

The baby dolls are large enough to cuddle and hold and they keep the patients engaged and happy. Interactions with these dolls provide a calming effect on the patients and help reduce agitation. The patients form a special bond with the toys and develop a sense of responsibility towards them. These beneficial baby dolls and stuffed animal dogs and cats are amazing toys for Alzheimer's patients as they can enhance their lives. Baby dolls have been selected to provide the best therapeutic use for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. Some of our products breathe and move like real babies and pets. Patients can feel or hear them and interact with them as they would a real baby or pet. It can lessen the stress of both patients and caregivers at an affordable cost. They are the best gift for Alzheimer patients, so buy these toys for Alzheimer patients from Memorable Pets and give them a sense of calming and soothing therapy.