"As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Assoc Geriatric Psychiatrists

Large Original Lassie for People with Alzheimer's and Caregivers (SPECIAL ORDER- 2 WEEKS DELIVERY)

Stuffed Animal Therapy for Alzheimer's 

Remember Lassie?  What a classic dog!  This large original Lassie stuffed collie dog is the perfect size!  Beautiful, ultra realistic fur and spectacular face. A great gift for a Lassie fan or any dog lover!  Plus a great gift for Alzheimer's because she loves to be stroked and held! Is she the one for your loved one? 

Style:  MP-844

Size: 22" (56 cm)

Care: Surface Wash

Why buy from Memorable Pets?

  • Our adult appropriate criteria for Memorable Pets was developed with input by geriatric specialist Paula M. Taliaferro, MGS, LSW. Paula's credentials include Education Consultant- Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging; Program Facilitator- Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Association since 1995.
  • Memorable Pets provide loving comfort, a sense of security, and are a therapeutic tool for nurturing and play.
  • Our pets meet all US federal safety standards for institutional use.
  • We "pay it forward"...10% of proceeds from retail sales on this website goes to support Alzheimer's care and research!

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