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Memorable Pets on WKYT-TV

Bettina was invited to the noon news show on WKYT-TV in Lexington, Kentucky to talk about why she and her sister decided to start their company, Memorable Pets. She describes how these stuffed animals help people with Alzheimer’s or dementia and how people can donate pets through their Pets to People program.


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Mike the Husky

Mike is an active dog who likes to run, play and catch ball. After playtime he would love to take a nap in your loved one’s arms! Give Mike to someone special in your heart, or consider donating him through our Pets to People program.


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Mike the Husky

Pets to People

Don’t know a person with Alzheimer’s?

You can still help by giving anonymously through our Pets to People program. This is a program for individuals or corporate sponsors who want to help by giving a Memorable Pet to someone unknown to them. Once the order is placed, we will match the Memorable Pet to a person in need.

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Pets to People

Support ALZ Care and Research

By purchasing a Memorable Pet, you will be helping to fight Alzheimer’s disease! With each pet purchased, we will donate a percentage of the sale to help fund Alzheimer’s research and support programs.

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Support ALZ Care and Research

Buddy Pets

Double the impact and buy two pets!

Give one to a younger person such as a grandchild, and another to an elderly person, such as a grandparent. Buddy Pets is a great way to create a special bond.

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Buddy Pets

Welcome to Memorable Pets


About Memorable Pets

We are sisters who are passionate about making a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease!

Our mother, Betty Dickson, passed away on February 15, 2011 from Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 88. Caldonia, her Memorable Pet, was deeply loved by her and was in her arms when she died. In our mother’s honor, and with an effort to help improve the lives of people with Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia, we founded our company, Memorable Pets, LLC. Stuffed animals for Alzheimer’s patients is proven to be an enormous benefit for those in mid-late stages of the disease.


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About Alzheimers

Buy a Memorable Pet and Support Alzheimer’s Research

When you buy a Memorable Pet, we will donate $2.00 for each pet sold to help fund Alzheimer’s research and support programs. Not only will you be helping to enhance the life of a person with this disease, but you will also join a community of people who are helping to find a cure! We currently give to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Stuffed Animals for Dementia and Comfort from a Memorable Pet!

Pets Provide ComfortResearch shows that people with mid-to-late stages of Alzheimer’s disease continue to feel deep emotion even though memory, language and cognitive functions steadily decline. They have a strong need to nurture and care which stimulates positive emotional feelings such as deep comfort and security. While a Memorable Pet plush stuffed animal pet for a person with dementia may seem to be a small gift, it can have a huge impact on your loved one’s quality of life by providing a constant source of comfort.

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Pets 2 People


Michela Gives a Memorable Pet

Donate Memorable Pets anonymously through Pets 2 People, our program for giving.

Learn more about Pets 2 People now

A Memorable Pet can:

  • Calm someone who is upset
  • Provide endless hours of hugs and smiles
  • Create a distraction from a  dangerous, harmful or upsetting event
  • Serve as an attention-getter
  • Provide a tool for social interaction
  • Regenerate warm, nurturing feelings of caring for another
  • Make it possible for someone who is totally dependent upon others to care for “someone” else

Michela’s Project

“Giving Memorable Pets to people with Alzheimer’s has been life-changing.”

Michela, a senior in high school at Upper Arlington in Ohio, has been promoting Memorable Pets as part of her year-long senior project. Read more.

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